Where it all began. To never forget

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Motivation at its BEST

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A Day to never forget.

Where my TalkFusion journey started!

My Journey begun from a very young age. Lets start from the age 11!  I Moved to a new town, new family, new college... Unfortunatley i had no support with my schooling,  my study and the achievements i made. Life was full of new experiences and unessecary hardship. But through that solo battle, i discovered and strongly understood that to achieve in my life, to succeed alone, without anyones help! I must have
Self Belief.

I never forgot that.

As a youngster I was always more focused on working! Working was more important than study. But it wasnt about momey... To me, helping someone, making some one smile was more valuable than money. Period. So work really never became "work", it became more of a passion, to help others. So from there, I believed i had a


And a few years on, i got myself a couple part time jobs. When I managed to land myself with a great retail firm, the world changed. It was a positive enviroment, I was working with different people with different stories. Man’o’man was this was a playground for me! I loved meeting new customers, hearing they’re stories, solving they’re issues! I loved making the good impressions... the positive enviroment and people around me only fed me to want to succeed even further! I found myself


  And Ive always asked myself... where do i want to be in my future? I believed there was more to life than a future of working to survive. So, to prepare... I seeked out further job opportunities. At the age of 15 I was looking into working at the Australian mines, of becoming a labourer, a builder, a Policeman, a personal trainer. I strongly believed that I could only rely on myself if i wanted to be successful. I was willing to do anything.


Then, I hit gold! After many applications in many, many different areas of partime/fulltime employment,  Cadetships and apprenticeships, I managed to land myself a job with a nation leading Drainage company! My job was to survey drains in our recently earthquake hit city, Christchurch. ...and before my 17th birthday, I was on the opposite side of the country, earning $1200 NZ! paid rent, paid flights and paid uniforms!

It felt great! A top dollar job! For the first time, i felt


And so I was running CCTV cameras sd the youngest of the fleet. 12 hour days, 6 days a week. Work 1 month, fly home for 2 days, back for 1 months. It was tough, but managed to stay positive for 8months. In the end, the money got boring. I wasnt happy sitting in a van for 12 hours at night in a god forbidden city.
there were no people?... This was not fun.

On the positive side i gained qualified tickets, experience, knowledge and a whole new look on life. But there was nooooo way! i was staying in Christchurch!!!!
This is when i learnt about


My Father contacted me about an online software provider of video communication. As he explained the opportunity and expressed the potiential of success, i tended to feel a strong pull into seriously looking into the business... And so i did. I quit my perfectly good, high income job and shipped myself "home" with my family. I now "work from home" and operate my TalkFusion Business alongside some great businessmen, lawyers, marketers and highly motivated, highly determined, successfull, focused and happy people.

This is where my entire world opened up.
This is where i discovered the


(also known as the diamond guide...)

No matter what happens from now, i will always hold my experiences with me. My motivation, determination, self belief and belief in TalkFusion. In the people around me and most of all, in my prospects. 


As far as i see it, as our TalkFusion World Leaders see it, everyone can succeed. This year IS going to be a year of change... The question is, do you want to?...

- Luke Thomas


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