Let me introduce a team leader with the Empowered Talk Fusion Tribe... Steve Hachey

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Empowered Talk Fusion Tribe - Steve Hachey

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The Empowered Talk Fusion Tribe is an active team within Talk Fusion and is comprised of a team of highly skilled online marketers. We marketing the highest quality video technologies in the social media marketplace... our products include video email, video autoresponders, video conferencing,  video blogs, video escubsciption forms, and the Fusion Wall,   Please watch Steve’s story and then check out his blog at http://whoisstevehachey.com

Building A Social Media Video Giant,

Scott Scales
The Empowered Talk Fusion Tribe
(770) 205-6721
Skype: jsscales

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 Kaye Flack -  Jun 9 2010 7:49PM

This is a great video Steve.

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